Questions about the road ahead?

1: How much money do I need in order to start operating a NorthStar Moving Franchise?

A: $110,070 to $188,450 is the range of the initial investment. The initial investment includes the one time franchise fee, first month’s lease payment on two NorthStar Moving Trucks, the down payment on workers compensation insurance, and a three month reserve of general operating expenses.

2: What’s the potential?

A: Your income potential depends entirely on how you run your business. Our business model is based on our company, which has been in business for 28 years. The most complete financial picture is disclosed in our FDD. By law, no one is allowed to tell you and guarantee to you how much money you can make from any franchise. Be extremely skeptical of anyone who promises any type of set return on any investment.

3: Why should I invest in your new franchise when I could buy into a well-established franchise?

A: Location, Location, Location! You can get your pick of territory. Newer franchisees are given more dedicated support since the success of your franchise will make or break our entire franchise concept. We are committed to your success; the success of our franchise business is in your hands so we want to make sure your hands have the right support and the right tools.

4: How many trucks will I need?

A: You will need 2 trucks to start your business. You may, eventually, purchase or lease additional trucks to cover your expanding business.

5: Where do I buy trucks?

A: We have prequalified vendors who have all the specifications required to make NorthStar Moving moving trucks. You may purchase your trucks or you may lease your trucks depending on your financial needs and qualifications. It is important to our brand that our trucks are well maintained and appear to be part of the same fleet of trucks.

6. Where do I buy moving supplies?

A: We have prequalified vendors who have all the specifications required to make NorthStar Moving moving supplies. We will introduce you to the NorthStar Moving Franchise Qualified vendor who is most suited to service your territory.

7: Will I own the trucks or do they belong to the Franchisor?

A: You will own or lease your trucks, you will be responsible for them and you will be responsible for their maintenance.

8: Can I only buy trucks that you have specified?

A: Yes, we are creating a brand. We want our trucks to all look the same so when you come rolling up to a client’s home they know they have NorthStar Moving at their service.

9: Will I have to buy from your vendors?

A: Yes, you will need your boxes and supplies to be identical to the rest of our franchisees. You don’t go into McDonalds and get a blue box, do you? Nope, folks want the exact same experience every time they use a brand. However, for your own office supplies and desks (that your clients never see) you can use your own vendors.

10: Can I be an absentee owner?

A: Absolutely not. We need you to be hands on and dedicated to making your franchise a success.

11: Will I need any special licenses?

A: You will need D.O.T. authority and also whatever licenses that your state law requires, such as a Bureau of Household Goods and Services license in California.

12: What are the responsibilities of the Franchisor?

A: a. The Franchisor will provide initial and ongoing direction and leadership to Franchisees. We will show you how to provide value to our clients. We will show you how to protect and enhance our brand’s reputation. And, how to protect the way our brand is perceived by our clients and the community.

b. The Franchisor is committed to the franchisee’s profitability. And, will do everything in the Franchisor’s power to ensure all Franchisees are rewarded financially for running a successful business that is run in accordance to the Franchising Agreement.

c. The Franchisor will create a buzz via innovative marketing, public relations, social media and other avenues about the great moves and amazing value that our Franchisees provide to charities and other notable moves. (Please be sure to keep your Franchisor well informed of any notable moves and charity work you do so we can get the buzz buzzing!)

d. The Franchisor pledges truthful, honest, caring and open communication with its Franchisee.

e. The Franchisor will obey the law and the terms of the Franchise Agreement.

13: What are the responsibilities of the Franchisee?

A: a. The Franchisee will deliver amazing and professional service to all of our clients. The Franchisee will under promise and over deliver. The Franchisee will treat our clients like we all want to be treated; and  will do so through hard work, passion and a strong sense of urgency.

b. The Franchisee will follow the leadership and direction of the Franchisor on how to protect the brand, the reputation, and the image of the brand to the Franchisee’s clients and the community at large.

c. The Franchisee will follow the Franchisor’s directions on client service which includes all aspects of the interaction with the client.

d. The Franchisee will be passionate about the wellbeing, success and progress of your movers, team leaders and all other team members. As Franchisees, your leadership and influence on your movers will determine your success and the success of the brand. Remember, our clients typically do not see us. The client experience consists mostly of their day with the movers. The movers are the face of NorthStar Moving. Train and Lead the movers well and treat them well.

e. The Franchisee will have an open line of meaningful communication with the Franchisor. Be truthful, honest and talk about everything, good or bad, in a caring way.

f. The Franchisee will obey the law and the terms of the Franchising Agreement.

14: What size of territory does a Franchise cover?

A: Your territory is based on your location. Generally, a territory is based on a geographical area that is delineated by zip code(s) and has approximately 150,000 to 400,000 residents; but a territory may vary based on demographics, population and square miles.

15: What qualities do I need to be a NorthStar Moving Franchisee?

A: You must be a natural born great leader. You must be smart, have a sense of urgency and place a high value on integrity. You must be able to inspire people who are doing intense physical labor and instill a sense of pride in a job well done. You must embrace the concept of under promising and over delivering. You must believe and strive to make sure that every client you move will always want to use you as “their mover for life.”

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only.
Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sales of franchises:
California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.
We are registered in all of these states, with the exception of Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia.
If you are a resident of Hawaii, Maryland or Virginia, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.