According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) about 35,900,000 people move on average each year which translates to about 15,300,000 household moves.  Close to 85% of them-13,001,280 MOVE WITHIN THE SAME STATE!

When you add the market numbers for every other kind of move, which can include retail, commercial, light industry, venues of every sort, a NorthStar Moving Franchise presents an excellent proven small business ownership opportunity.

Northstar Moving offers a unique, premiere brand business proposition

  • A 21 year competitive market- tested successful business model providing the opportunity for double digit profitability

  • A proven business model with strong basic components that can be further customized for services best-suited for market location, opportunity and potential added profit

  • Affordable start-up cost options

  • An outstanding reputation, supported by professional client loyalty teams and marketing and public relations experts

  • An ongoing support team for every aspect of your business that is led by founding CEO, Ram Katalan, a 29 year veteran of the moving business.

  • Pre-sold leads will come to you from NSM’s call center

  • Negotialed key vendors in place  for easier, more affordable start up and ongoing business

  • Green operations practices that set imporved industry standards and are important to many clients

We are a socially responsible company dedicated to making the world a happier place, one move at a time… We Move Happiness Home!

Our “Best Places to Work” awards recognize our happier, motivated employees work well in the physically demanding and sometimes stressful moving business

This is a carefully built business with a great reputation which no longer means being the most expensive-an important asset for building your business

  • Streamlined operations and controllable labor

  • Shared vendor relationships for best price benefits

  • Affordable, professionally presented branding components

  • Preliminary location review and any needed build-out project support

  • A thorough, detailed training program teaching the owner to be expert in proven, best NORTHSTAR MOVING business practices and to be a moving process educator

  • A broadly inclusive media-smart marketing program with presence in all media outlets

  • A professional team of available, successful, seasoned experts providing all aspects of training and ongoing support for the growth of the business

  • A thorough and detailed  training program and continuing updates

  • Fully detailed operations manuals and collateral materials for running the business

  • Information systems to identify the services and prospects that can drive revenue growth

  • A thorough and detailed  training program and continuing updates

  • Our commitment to listen, respond and be a supportive resource for all owners

We bring you all the benefits of a very successful, financially solid, long-established, well-run and recognized premiere business in the moving industry…NORTHSTAR MOVING

Please visit our website at www.northstarmoving.com to learn lots more!